Registry of Political Parties launches booklets

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THE Registry of Political Parties yesterday launched two booklets on political parties and candidates for next year’s general election.
One is on political parties and the other is on candidates.
Registrar Dr Alphonse Gelu said they were part of the awareness the registry was undertaking to prepare political parties for 2017.
They were written and put together by the registry’s research and policy officers William Garena and Solomon Puana.
“The ideas raised in both booklets relate to the issues concerning the operations of political parties in the country, as well as issues relating to the candidates,” Gelu said.
“In both booklets, the various legislations that talk about political parties and candidates, including the Constitution, were highlighted to clarify the importance of the political parties and candidates in our democracy.”
Gelu said although some people already knew what political parties were and their roles in Papua New Guinea’s democracy, there was a great deal of demand from people in rural areas, wanting to know about political parties.
“The people only know about them during the elections,” he said.
“From the registry’s perspective, the people must know what political parties are and their roles.
“The people must know that it is the parties that form governments in Papua New Guinea.”
Gelu said topics covered in the political party booklet included the definition of political party, features of strong political parties, functions of political parties, what the law says about political parties, registration of political parties, leadership in political parties, funding and donations to political parties, and compliance and performance of political parties in previous elections.