Regular power cuts bad for ENB business


A CONSTANT power supply is a key factor for growth of business in East New Britain, an official says.
The deputy administrator for socio-economic services, Levi Mano, said ensuring a reliable power supply was among key projects that the provincial government and administration would focus on.
The provincial government needed the assistance of the Investment Promotion Authority, he said.
“We are looking for an investor to help us generate power so that we can sell back to the normal grid for PNG Power,” Mano said.
The ENB Chamber of Commerce said many businesses were concerned that power blackouts were causing power surges which were damaging electrical items.
Mano said perishable goods were also going to waste and he gave Lings Freezer, which had to dump a number of containers of meat, as example.
The demand for power in ENB is around 10 megawatts peak day time load and eight megawatts at night. With the shortfall, there is load shedding on a daily basis.