Relatives of dead boy block road


Relatives of a boy killed in a road  accident in  Hela  four  years ago have set up a roadblock to demand compensation  from  the person responsible for the death.
Police commander Michael Wely  told The National  that  the boy from Utupia was killed allegedly by a vehicle  belonging to the  Angore  landowner groups.
“He was a Grade 12 student who had just completed high school in 2013 and was selected to continue his university education,” Wely said.  He said the party responsible for the accident had agreed to pay compensation but nothing  had eventuated to date.
“So the relatives of the deceased retaliated and blocked off the highway at Utupia.
“They are targeting any vehicle or people traveling on the road who belong to the same area as the suspected party that was responsible for the accident four years ago,” he said.
Wely said he had sent 10 police officers to negotiate with the relatives to reopen  the road  but they would not listen.
He said he had been in contact with the Southern Highland police commander and they would be looking at ways to settle the issue.
“I will go down to Utupia tomorrow (Friday) and try to negotiate with the relatives of the deceased and will also be in touch with the Southern Highlands commander to try to restore normalcy on that part of the highway,” Wely said.