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THE District Court in Waigani has refuted a statement by police that murder suspect Bisop Kaiwi was transferred late to Bomana prison because of the late issuing of his remand warrant.

Tracy Ganaii

Acting court clerk Serah Amet told The National yesterday that the warrant was issued straight after the case was adjourned by Magistrate Tracy Ganaii before noon on Tuesday, and not at 3pm as stated by police.
“The court clerks do the warrants, not police. So right after the case was adjourned, I went in and got the files and came out and did the warrant and issued it.
“So the warrant was issued to them in the morning (on Tuesday),” she said.
Kaiwi is facing a wilful murder charge in relation to the death of his wife Jenelyn Kennedy at their home in Port Moresby last week.
Magistrate Ganaii ordered that he be remanded at the Bomana Prison to await his next court appearance on July 30.
But police took Kaiwi back to the Boroko police station where he spent another night before taking him to Bomana on Wednesday morning.
National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’dranou said they could not take Kaiwi on Tuesday as the court had instructed because they only received the remand warrant from the court at 3pm.
By then prison authorities had closed the gates to new admissions.

Family of dead rugby player urge men to speak out too

THE family of Ishmael Indipi, a rugby player from Ialibu, Southern Highlands, alledgedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend two years ago, joined the march against violence in Port Moresby yesterday.
Family spokesperson Shamilah Kari said they were there to support men who had experienced violence from their female partners.
“Everybody is advocating for women, but we would like to show our support for men as well,” she told The National.
Indipi, 24, was playing with the Harlequins rugby team in Port Moresby when he was killed.
“Our brother’s case has gone cold and we have not heard anything about itis case.”
She said the family had no idea whether the girlfriend was in prison or outside.
“What we heard is that there is going to be another court hearing this month about his case,” Kari said.
She said the family’s message to men was that they should come out and speak about the pressures they experience with their partners.
“Women easily come out and talk about their problems so they release their pressure. But men are known to store their problems and resort to violence when they cannot contain their anger.”
Kari said she believed people chose to be violent not because of the way they were brought up.
“It’s their own choice. It has got nothing to do with the type of society they live in. We should have more institutions that provide mental health services for our men and boys to get them to express themselves and free their minds from pressures,” Kari said.

Disappointment as crowd barred from vigil

Rowina Marape placing a wreath as dad Prime Minister James Marape looks on during the vigil at Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium in Port Moresby last night. – Nationalpic by JOEL HAMARI

By Rebecca Kuku
HUNDREDS of people who braved the heat to take part in a peaceful protest against gender-based violence were disappointed to be later shut out of a vigil for the late Jenelyn Kennedy.
They were told that the vigil at Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium attended by Prime Minister James Marape was only for VIPs, MPs and non-government organisations.
Susan Timo, 46, said it was very frustrating to see people barred from the vigil.
“We gathered as early as 9am at the Unagi Oval and walked to Parliament, then walked all the way here (stadium) only to have the door shut on us.”
James Sua, 42, described it as a big let-down for the people who had come from all parts of Port Moresby to support a worthy cause.
“I was happy to see youths from my community walking. These young men are perpetrators of gender-based violence. Seeing late Jenelyn’s body in the front page of The National newspaper just changed their thinking.
“They realised that one day it could be them and their wives. So for them to come all the way here and to be shut out is a big disappointment.”
Evelyn Kura, 32, said it was a shame that Solomon Kantha’s good initiative was spoiled by the organisers who only wanted VIPs to enter.
“What’s the point? Out here are the survivors of gender-based violence. We are the mothers who have and continue to live in violence-filled homes.
“Today was our day to have our voices heard but instead we were shut out,” she said.

Hospital workers observe 2 minutes of silence

CAREGIVERS at the Port Moresby General Hospital dealing with patients admitted for violence-related issues joined the campaign against gender-based violence yesterday.
Chief executive officer Dr Paki Molumi said the hospital was calling for justice to be served on the late Jenelyn Kennedy and all women who were victims of gender-based violence.
Doctors, nurses and staff dressed in black congregated at three sites in the hospital premises to observe a two-minute silence as a mark of solidarity against gender-based violence.
“Two minutes of our time outside in black is to show our support for the cause,” Molumi said.
“We cannot participate in the campaigns or marches because we have to stay at the hospital to look after our patients. Justice must be served to prevent GBV.
“Only then when justice is done then we can see some improvement, otherwise we will continue to take this as normal violence against women and girls will continue.”
Hospital board chairperson Kathy Johnston urged the Government to review legislations and policies regarding gender-based violence.
She said every time the people called on the Government to do something, the response would only be for a short period before it was forgotten.
She said what happened to Jenelyn who lost her life while still 19 should not have happened in a Christian country such as PNG.
“The thing that we really need to do is awareness. We don’t have enough awareness and education on GBV.”



  • Preventive measure to address the act of Violence against our women,girls and mothers have been falling on deaf ears by the Government and relevant concern office of the government and stakeholders,since then we have seen girls mothers torches in the name of sorcery,wife bashing,rape,and so forth many that for safety reasons much have been keeping in silent which that we cannot deny. Now the death of Late jenelyn kennedy have now got the attentions of the Government,in the early incident report lead to the death Polices officers involve but nothing done and also some medical officers have gone to the resident of the deceased and no one have been brave enough to report the matters to relevant officers concerning the abuse that occur that they them self have witness and now she is death and caught the attentions,what is the use when this so call violence against women have been going ON for a longer period of time even we have witness in our family,community etc…By now we should already have appropriate measures of addressing this major issue,Now all the government have shown in their sorrow with all the Papua New Guinean have stands together to fight against violence against women.We have witness death in the past of this violences and now again….What is the Government have been doing to address this issue with so call stakeholders funding awareness and meeting ever now and then with no improvement,Now we witness death in the hand of the take action now is very late because we cannot take back life we have seen abuse happening now and then but pretend.who ever responsible in the death of the Late Jenelyn will face the the real Judgment of God,,man can run away from men but not God,,Nature will caught up with you no matter what, even the Government bodies
    responsible..May her Soul rest in Peace..

  • National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’dranou, is not telling the truth, as per reports from the court clerk – Serah Amet

  • NCD Met Sup is ALREADY a loose Chain for the course of TRUE JUSTICE. I wonder where he was and what was he doing during that one night Bhosip-(The wanna be Gay-Licks) was take to the Police station instead. Something FISHIER already going on.

  • It is time for all the people to make God first in everything (time-treasure-talent- truth) so that our mindset will be guided by our divine teacher, comforter, guide us into all truth and honest in all our dealings upon the people of this nation. But if people do not want to change today, rejecting God’s call to “come out” then our Lord is coming to claim His obedient and honest people and to destroy those who love doing what is not right. May God’s peace be in the midst of all.

  • It’s great to see people reaction to the violent death of a young woman like that. Yet, all over PNG, innocent women, old and ugly, poor and widowed, sometimes also married and with children, are beaten, burned, cut, and killed because people believe them to be sorcerers. Seems like no one cares for such women. I am sorry for this poor girl Jenelyn Kennedy. But what I really find hard to understand is….Why did she always to this violent man even after he had beaten her up several times, even after he broke her hands. How is it possible that many girls and women still return to their violent friends or husband’s?
    So this protest should be more than just the mourning over the death of young beautiful middle or high class girls at the hands of their boyfriends. Violence against women exists on every level of PNG society. Name a politician who never slapped his wife?! Name a policeman or soldier who never punched his wife?! Name a teacher or public servant who never hit his wife….?! And you can go on and on. And don’t mention the rural grassroot people. Too many women have been killed, mutilated or injured. And it will never change unless wife bashers and murderers face true justice.

  • Met Sup Perou N’dranou!!! What a lier! Shame on you!!! You are totally unfit to be the Met Sup! You lack Integrity , Command and control and just terribly failed as a Commander! You gave Petty excuse that you had to prepare a vehicle and fuel to transport the murderer so he had to spend another night in boroko police cell!!!! What in the hell is this lame excuse!!??? It’s is evident here that the warrant and all doc’s were ready by noon which meant you had 3hours to transport the murderer!!!!
    Yu wanpla Con man tru ya! Luk osem yu wok lo kaikai bribe lo han blo displa murderer tu ya !!! Minister and Commisioner, investigate the legitimacy of this Dimwits appointment!!!!

  • In 1991 at the age of 29 I befriended a 19yr old nursing student and took her to live with me without a consent from her Parents. We are now nearing our 30th anniversary of our living together. We have 6 children and 3 grandchildren. We have a doctor, a lawyer, graduate economist, and a budding builder from our children so far. We had our share of problems and pressures like any Papua New Guinean family. Both of us hailed from different parts of the country with totally different cultures and customs. Yet we managed to get through. Violence was never part of our marriage
    I can’t remember anytime that I ever raised my voice or laying a hand on my wife.
    My wife is now a gender based violence (GBV) nurse, specialising in Child Trauma care offering special support to traumatized children from GBV families.
    She falls back on her family support to offer care to families experiencing trauma.
    Iam writing these experiences of mine to highlight the fact that families can exist peacefully in this country without the need for violence.

  • stop violence against woman and Man was the best banner out of all banner and this should be the topic rather than stop violence against woman. Many woman will take advantage on that and they can do what they want to do.

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