Reminder given to teachers about NID registration


TEACHERS in the Basic Education Sector currently undergoing the National In-service training (NIST) are reminded to register for the National Identity Card (NID)
National Teacher NID Registration chairman and first assistant secretary (FAS) for corporates services in the Department of Education Andrew Angobe said this when addressing NCD schools zone 3 teachers at Bavaroko Primary School in Port Moresby last week.
The NID Teacher registration exercise is part of the MoU signed by the Department of National Planning and Monitoring and the Department of Education in 2018 to register 60,000 teachers by Dec, 31 2019.
“The Department wants to make sure that there are no payroll duplicates or ghost names and the 3 PPP Policy,” he said. “At the end of the teacher NID registration programme, the Minister for Education wants to see an Education payroll system having one person, one position and one pay,” Angobe said.
He said the challenge now was to see which province in the country would be the first to complete the teacher NID registration.
“So far according to our statistics, Sandaun is leading as it has registered most of its teachers already, he said.
“The next province is Southern Highlands, followed by Hela and others.
“For NCD, almost 80 per cent of the teachers have registered and the remaining 20 per cent should be completed by the end of this week.”