Report misconduct by officers, force call

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 POLICE have urged members of the public to report any misconduct by officers so that they can be disciplined.

Director of the police media unit Supt Dominic Kakas said people must report any undisciplined behaviour by rogue police officers to the police hierarchy. 

He said the people should:

l Identify the policeman. Members of the constabulary would normally have a name tag on their uniforms. If they don’t have any visible form of identification, then ask for their names. If they refuse then take note of their features and make sure you can identify them later when required to. Or you can discretely photograph them with your phones;

l Note the registration of the vehicle they are driving. Also note the make, model, colour and other features. If you can take a picture of their vehicle then please do so.

“Immediately after the encounter you should write down your complaint,” he said. 

“Get witnesses to also make statements. If, as a result of your encounter with the police you were assaulted, then get a medical report of your injuries and take pictures as well. 

“If your property has been damaged then get photographs as well. Get a professional opinion on the cost of the damage to your property. 

“Write your letter of complaint about the police brutality, abuse, illegal actions, etc. and address your letter to the police public complaints at 6-Mile police station.”

Kakas said the police hierarchy was aware that a number of complaints from the public against police officers had been poorly attended to in some cases and some had not been attended to at all.