Reports of police brutality alarming


IT is terrifying to hear and read about daily increasing police brutality and abuse of constitutional duty.
As a result, the State has lost millions of kina paying for hundreds of lives lost to police.
It is not right for police or any disciplinary officer to use violence against any citizen, whether your family member of any other citizen for that matter.
Use of maximum violence to do State duty is constitutionally-erroneous.
By saying this, there is so much evidence of what is happening in our country with rogue police officers daily.
Police have statutory duties to perform Рwhich is State’s right.
Right lies in the State.
It control State institutions like Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.
The rights of the State lies in the hands of the general citizens.
Therefore, any institution which are delegated or vested rights by stated, have duty to protect the rights of the State through maintaining law and order.
The institutions, especially police and other disciplinary forces, must not see themselves as having the right to apply violence to anyone, any time.
The police have the legitimate duty to protect the interest and rights of the people.
They have no right to apply maximum violence.
The powers of the police are primarily to maintain law and order through:

  • Arresting and charging lawbreakers and detaining them in police cells so that they can face the law through the courts;
  • ensure peace and good order in the community;
  • provide security to all citizens so that our rights and freedom and our properties are protected;
  • investigate criminal activities;
  • escort very important person when need arises; and,
  • Enforce an order of the courts. These are the main duties of police.

Any activities done contrary and apart from these than is criminal. It does not matter what social status or, position or objective the officer has: their duty is to ensure that the law achieves its purpose.
Everyone should allow the law to operate as it is intended.
This requires a collective effort.
Whether the law achieves its purpose depends on actions and decisions they take.
Applying maximum violence will not achieve the purpose of law of our freedom.
Equality and the rule of law will be affected.
As a result, the law and order problem will prominently escalate.
Police have a duty to follow law and act accordingly to law.
This means that what they do in their lives and our lives should not go in contradiction of law.
Their action in doing constitutional duties should be in line with what law says.
If the law provides certain processes and procedures that requires them to follow when participating in certain State duties and activities, they have to follow these sets of procedures.
They should also respect the rights of every individual.
Police have constitutional duty to execute and not a legitimate right to apply extreme violence.

Eric Mumson Piuk
Gerehu Stage 4
Port Moresby

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