Research vital for development


IN the development perspective, I perceive research as a significant tactic or approach.
It plays a pivotal role in changing and shaping the position of many developing countries in this present century.
For instance, to address settlement issues in Port Moresby like water and sanitation, you as an individual person cannot justify your conclusion without collective views of all living in this particular area. There has to be a holistic approach where collective knowledge is grasped.
This is where research comes in to gather all types of data and information needed.
Once it’s done, it then goes through the analysis process.
The results give a solution to the problem. Much of what we see today in our society does not happen according to people’s views and philosophies.
There are no surveys or research conducted, instead, a one-man decision is made. There has been an atmosphere of confusion lately over sim card registration and deactivation, and the failed NID project.
There is lack of research and survey. Since they have not taken this approach, we declare it as failed due to confusion and invalid grounds on it.
For a healthy and prosperous society, awareness and research is the initial stage for any issues and projects identified.
We have prestigious institution like National Research Institution (NRI) in the country.
Why not the government use them to carry out major surveys across the country transparently?
I personally commend NRI for its vital role in shaping the nation in terms of research and formulation of effective policies.
I also commend other institutions like National Agriculture Research Institute (Nari), National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (Naqia) and Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) for performing similar roles like NRI for the prosperity of our country.
Therefore, for us to be strong, healthy and prosperous in all sectors of our lives, we need more and more research.

Kennedy Topints
Nongii Emiil – Ngalkhay
Dulumb Koiyange