Resident calls for upgrade of fire service

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 A LONG-TIME Lae resident says the city’s only fire station at Eriku is in a pitiful state and wants action taken to improve the service’s ability to serve callouts.

John Sako, who has lived on Boundary Road for 37 years, said the government had neglected an important service for the people.

“That fire station opposite the Botanical Gardens at Eriku had been sitting there for the past 30 years without any change or improvement,” Sako said.

He said the city had only one fire station and that was not enough to cater for a fast-growing industrial city like Lae.

“Like the police, the fire brigade needs to have small stations at strategic locations thoughout the city and out along places like the Miles area so they can respond quickly to fire alerts.”