Resident: Gerehu stage 7 has no water

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The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013


A RESIDENT of an urban village in Port Moresby’s Gerehu Stage 7 says it is unfair that they are being overlooked for water services by Eda Ranu while settlements are receiving free water or are illegally connected.

He told Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on FM 100’s Talkback Show on Tuesday that this was grossly unfair.

“For the past seven years, we’ve been trying to get Eda Ranu to give us water,” he said.

“The whole point is we’re within city limits, yet we can’t get water, so we continue to use the bushes and we continue to go and fetch water every day.

“We get a runaround every time we go to Eda Ranu.”

O’Neill promised that he would raise the matter with Eda Ranu,

“I will immediately take this up with Eda Ranu and make sure that they attend to this problem in Gerehu Stage 7,” he said.

“I want to assure other residents around the city limits that we are now running a big pipeline from Waigani.

“A K12 million contract has been awarded to build pipes all the way to Porebada, Boera, Papa, Lealea, all the way to the LNG project.

“I’ve directed Eda Ranu to have a pipeline from Ilimo to Central City so that we can extend water services all the way to Gaire, Tubusereia and all the villages along the Magi Highway.

“Similar things are being talked about with PNG Water for other parts of the country,” O’Neill said.