Respect peace deal: Temu

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BOUGAINVILLE Affairs Minister Sir Puka Temu has cautioned people about respecting the Bougainville Peace Agreement as a whole, instead of just the referendum, which is only a part of it.
“While I recognise the right of the public to comment on the referendum outcome, I also request them to display caution and responsibility in divulging unsubstantiated information to the wider readership,” he said.
“It is one thing to explain where the referendum and its result fall within the letter and spirit of the Constitution.
“It is quite another matter to understand why a referendum on Bougainville had to take place.”
He said the peace agreement had secured peace on Bougainville and the processes contained in it be followed.
Sir Puka urged people to refrain from spreading misleading information on Bougainville’s political future.
He said five prime ministers had served from the time the crisis started in 1988 to when the peace agreement was signed in 2001.
“All of them had to address the challenges involved in addressing and then resolving the conflict, including criticisms emanating from within country and outside,” he said.
“They were subjected to the scrutinising eyes of the media and members of the international community.
“Some members of the international community were those who also provided significant support for the peace process, which led to the Bougainville peace agreement and its subsequent implementation.”


  • Martin Miriori, PNG Government respects the Democratic “CHOICE” of the people of the New Bougainvilleans. (97.7%)
    Stop begging from foreign country.

  • The Buka people have spoken. As always, they have always wanted this since birth. Give it to them ASAP.
    We wanted ours, the Australians gave it to us. We survived, are surviving and will survive till the end.
    Let us wait and see if they survive another 10 years. Their DNA shows otherwise.
    Our country has been mismanaged over the years. otherwise, PNG would have been miles away.
    Congratulations! or pipor brong Buka.
    ***** Do you have what it takes to really be an INDEPENDENT country? ******
    COME ONNNN Momis and the team.

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