Rest home for cancer patients in recovery soon

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The National, Monday February 24th, 2014


THE National Cancer Relief and Treatment Unit in Lae has a new Cancer Halfway House to complement the intensive care ward to provide space for post-care treatment patients.

It is purposely to eliminate overcrowding and provide adequate space for post-care patients until completion of treatment.

The initiative by oncologist Dr John Niblett and wife Andrea was to ensure post-treatment patients remained in hospital and completed medical examinations, reviews and treatment before being discharged. 

Andrea Niblett said the increase in cancer cases in the country resulted in overcrowding at the intensive ward that had only 40 beds, allowing most patients to sleep along the hallway.

“Dr Niblett and I intended to ensure post-care treatment patients were shifted to the Halfway House from the intensive ward and to allow appropriate schedule and time for diagnoses and treatments,” she said.

The building is fitted with air condition and consists of 20 beds, separate doctors’ and nurses’ stations, detached ablution blocks and toilets for male and female patients and two self-contained kit-house kitchens.

It is located next to Well-Women’s Clinic at Angau Memorial Hospital. 

Andrea said the house was built from fundraising activities and appeals to the business community in Lae and Port Moresby.

Contributions include Port Moresby Cancer Relief Society (K50,000), PNG Women Doctors’ Association (K50,000) and Lee Stoa (K30,000).

Fundraising included two head-shaving events, a dinner and dance hosted at the Lae Yacht Club.

However, when completed, the house will need beds, mattresses and curtains, including kitchen equipment like fridge, stoves, gas for cooking and cutlery. 

Andrea said the cancer unit would cater for meals while church services and outings for picnics and barbecues for patients would be organised.  

Metier Contractors was engaged to build the house and it is expected to be completed by this May.