Review licences


THE murder of a young man at a Banz night club is sending a signal to the Jiwaka government and Liquor Licence Board to review the laws and regulations of operating a liquor outlet in the province.
Many liquor outlets, retails, clubs, lodges and guest houses are operating without proper inspection and authorisation before the license is issued.
Such liquor outlets is becoming a disturbance and fighting zone in communities.
Sometime back a similar incident happened where people were murdered and left on the street.
A tribal fight broke out in the Dange Tribe of North Waghi which resulted in many lives lost, properties destroyed and people left their homes due to alcohol consumption.
Not only in North Waghi but Anglimp South Waghi also face similar problems.
Can the Jiwaka government take some measures to review and strengthen the laws and regulations of issuing liquor licences to operators and control the sale of liquor consumption?
This is not to discourage business operators but to look into alternative ways to promote and operate a healthy and professional businesses such as resorts and hotels, apartment and real estate properties.
With the medium term development strategy, the Government is pumping millions of kina into SME.
The provincial government with it’s people should look into other areas of investing in SMEs.
Those who have huge sums of money should look into businesses such as supermarkets, departmental stores, real estates, industrial business, construction companies and more.

Stanley Yambe@Kaugere

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