Focus on resources


SINCE the Marape – Steven Government took over, they promised to make this country the richesy black nation.
The country is very calm and eager to know what the Government is doing now.
I want to express my view to create discussion.
If the Government is serious on this then the PM should move to make a bad decision for a good reason.
Nothing will be done unless you do something and you wouldn’t know until you do it.
It is wiser to use your own resources available than on borrowed money.
In any business they sell to make money.
On that note my views is, if the Government is seriously thinking of doing this, they should sacrifice and localise Ok Tedi Mine for example.
The huge revenue to make this country rich is drained or piped out by foreigners in Ok Tedi.
PNG has got capable people with skills and knowledge of running the mine.
I suggest try out OK Tedi Mine for the good of this country.
I believe something might work out for your dream to make this country a Black Richest Nation.

Max Koruglkumugl,
Simbu Awaks

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