Revise recruitment, screening process


THE Government should revise the current screening and training processes for our security institutions.
We need to have a robust system and processes for recruiting and training our security forces.
The recruitment of the security forces should now be incorporated into the grade 12 screening process for tertiary institutions.
Those going for the selection should be given this task.
Grade 12 students around the country applying for tertiary institutions should be given a choice to apply as well.
These professions should now be elevated and considered to be on an equal playing ground with other professions.
The only way to achieve this is to introduce new training programmes and skills and upgrade recruitment processes.
Over the years we have taken this lightly and have recruited from the street which we are now seeing the fruit of it.
The internal departmental recruitment drive that are normally carried out by the Police and Defence force should be abolished.
Grade 12 students should be given the opportunity now to apply as one of their three choices and selection to be done by the selectors.
Many college and university students with school fees issues and no jobs are roaming around the street must also be considered.
The training programmes should be robust apart from the physical trainings.
The students should be put under two to three years training programmes focusing on indoctrination of ethical and moral learnings, laws including human rights laws, professional code of conduct training and the art of self-discipline. A complete relook at our recruiting and training system is required to bring back the confidence and revive our security institutions.

Koima Siwi

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