Revisit SOE restrictions


WHILE we appreciate the Government’s effort in combating the coronavirus pandemic, some restrictions should be revisited.
The fight to contain the Covid-19 pandemic is global.
All nations are working together on this.
It is for everyone’s benefit that measures are put in place – from social distances to getting into crowded areas and the simplest reminder of personal hygiene.
Under the new normal announced last week, pokies, nightclubs and bookies have been given the “okay” to operate on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Seems the message with the operation days is that the Covid-19 only strikes you on Mondays and Tuesdays.
The rest of the week, the virus is resting at home.
The new normal also banned the gathering of 100 people or more which include religious activities such as provincial church gathering, crusades and all outreach programmes.
The Covid-19 National Operating Centre on Saturday reported a new case, 57 days after the last case was confirmed in the country.
This now brings PNG’s number to nine confirmed cases.
The ninth case, a 44-year-old foreign resident has been in the country since January and is believed to have acquired the infection in Port Moresby, however, the health teams are considering all possible scenarios based on the contact tracing.
We should be sensitive in our endeavours from the possible intrusion and spread of the virus.
PNG does not have the capacity to deal with this virus if there is an outbreak so to help our health system, it is better to take protective measures.
We have said this and will continue to stress on it that many of our people are gullible to whatever information is spread.
And so the sharing of facts and accurate information about the coronavirus is important.
The way we communicate can affect the attitude of others.
It is key for everyone to get facts from trusted sources.
We have said it and will continue that, The National will continue to disseminate news on the Covid-19.
The public should remain informed about the Covid-19.
As orders and restrictions relating to the new normal are being announced, the challenge is now for the controller and the Government is ensuring the general public adhere to them.
We still have ignorant citizens, sadly some are well-educated, still defying restrictions and we pin our hopes on the respective authorities to start cracking the whip for them to toe the line.
It is important that we as a society do not ignore the Covid-19.
It is best to be vigilant and cautious. It is for everyone’s benefit that the measures – from social distances to getting into crowded areas and the simplest reminder of personal hygiene still remain.
Remember the virus will not move unless people move it.
When we stop moving the virus stops moving.
Let’s face reality that we should now adjust to living with the Covid-19 for the rest of this year and beyond.
The world is affected by this pandemic and PNG is no exception.
The coronavirus does not discriminate.
We should not down our guard.
Covid-19 respects no national borders, no social bounds, no political systems and no cultural values.

One thought on “Revisit SOE restrictions

  • Coronovirus is not the only disease that we should consterate more on. HIV/AIDS is also a disease coused by virus which is currently flooding some good population of Papua New Guinea. We have two disease that are coused by virus and they are ; coronovirus and HIV/AIDS. Other disease are easily cureable but these two are more dangerous and i back the government to look in to the treatments of HIV/AIDS. Since COVID-19 is still active we must pray for the nation to be save.

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