Reward colonial kiaps and cops

Letters, Normal

SURVIVING kiaps obviously would want some form of recognition and remuneration, not only as reward for their undivided loyalty and sacrifices during the pre-Independence era but also to make life a little easier in their old age.
It is a fact that police officers who were deployed to assist kiaps did not only work hand in hand with them but also took a courageous and fearless leading role in quelling tribal clashes and other social disorders, especially in the Highlands region.
Hence, respect for authority was imminent, unlike today.
Some police officers paid the ultimate price with their lives in the line of duty and others who were seriously injured must be recognised and rewarded accordingly.
Officers deployed nationwide in those days performed their duties exceptionally well and in doing so, helped support political leadership to shape PNG’s political destiny, through self-government and Independence, peacefully and without bloodshed.
The remaining veterans, like me, must be given the same recognition we deserve and be rewarded for all the sacrifices made to bring PNG to nationhood.
Through this communique, I call on the remaining surviving Police and CS officers, who joined their respective disciplines before 1973, to support this stand for our Government to recognise and reward us together with the kiaps, similar to what Canberra is doing or has done to its citizens who served in PNG prior to Independence.
Can the Police and CS hierarchy take on board this issue with the ultimate aim of rewarding this group of public servants, in recognition of their sacrifices?


Albert A Mula QPM,
(Retired police officer),
Port Moresby