Ridiculous tuition fees

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 SOME private schools in Lae are charging exorbitant tuition fees for training courses for the duration of two to four weeks. 

Let alone, the infrastructure and the learning facilities in those schools are in chaotic state. 

This is nothing but a rip off.   

For instance, commercial training school and multi–skills training school in Lae are charging K1,080 to K3,100 per student for one course for the duration of up to four weeks in total. 

The schools’ main aim and interest is to get money. 

There is no guarantee that these poor student will get a job instantly with the kind of trainings they get when they graduate. 

In fact, the young trainees are actually signing their death warrant as they will not be qualified enough to handle the heavy trucks or machineries they are taught to muster. 

This is almost a year’s tuition fee for a day student at the PNG University of Technology. 

Are the education and provincial government authorities aware of this practice that is going on for years in these so-called private schools and what rubbish is fed to our future citizens? 

By way of this letter, I as a concern citizen would like to request the ICCC and the education authorities to investigate this practice and question the owners of these schools and something must be done about it.

P Nazi