Right move to replace Maxtone-Graham

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to commend the leader of Government Business for replacing Jamie Maxtone-Graham as chairman of the bipartisan committee.
It was long overdue as he was making a lot of childish and personal comments.
What should have been in the enquiries report were blurted out by the chairman at the inquiry or in the media.
A good example was when he asked Rimbunan Hijau what it would do to prevent more Asian animosity.
It is the Government’s job to take appropriate action after reading the report, not asking the victim what should be done.
If what we read in the media is correct, some of the questions are very shallow or accusable.
Is that an inquiry or trial?
The new chairman should take a bipartisan approach and carry out an inquiry and not make judgments and statements in the media to preempt the report.
An inquiry is an inquiry and no one should make statements in the media or at the inquiry whether you are the chairman or not.
I thank the leader of Government Business for giving us back our MP.
Mr Maxtone-Graham can now come home and carry out some electoral duties which had been shelved due to national duties.


Avii block settler
Port Moresby