Road block paints bad image

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

A ROADBLOCK on the Nipa-Tari section of the Highlands Highway in Southern Highlands is painting a bad name for the province and the people, Robin Tuna says.
Tuna, Governor William Powi’s chief executive officer, said that was a welcome thing to happen.
“Under the leadership of Powi we are planning to fund cooperative societies, agriculture and other cash-generating activities to develop the lives of people, to educate them to work and earn a living,” he said.
He said the youths who were setting up roadblocks must stop because police in Nipa had been told about their actions.
“This is a national highway and the people of Nipa do not own it. What you are doing is not welcomed, we have the LNG gas project in Hela and this is the road that will be used to develop the gas project,” Tuna said.
He said such roadblocks could prevent development and investors or visitors to the province.
“Why is this section becoming a most dangerous part of the highway in the province?
“The government of Powi has visions and would like you to change and do away with your unworthy and primitive mentality,” Tuna said.
He condemned the actions of the youths and urged them to change.
“If you refuse to refrain from that, police in Nipa will be funded to track down such criminal activities along the highway.
“This highway is owned by the national government and not you and you,” Tuna said.
Tuna said that applied to all youths in the province.
“Some sections of Ialibu, Kagua and Imbonggu highways, youths are doing this and I call on them to stop because this will not bring in any help at all.”