Special operation in EHP targets alcohol

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The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

A SPECIAL operation in Eastern Highlands to impose an alcohol ban moved into Arikayufa village in Unggai-Bena district during the Independence weekend.
The flushed out more than 40,000 litres of illegal alcohol.
The special operation headed by chief provincial liquor licensing commissioner Peter Kabuino and Ben Noel went to the village and destroyed four 9,000 litres of tuffa-tank type containers of homebrew that locals call ‘fruit wine’.
“We destroyed and confiscated equipment and samples of the illegal alcohol, which will be tested at the University of Technology testing laboratory in Lae, Morobe,” Kabuino said.
“We want to compare the alcohol contents, acidity and other substances in the homebrew with those produced by the New Guinea Fruit Company.”
Kabuino said many young people were getting spoilt by illegal brews that had high alcoholic content and the province needed to take control.
The alcohol restrictions were mooted by new Governor Julie Soso.
She said she wanted to see alcohol (beer) being sold in proper facilities and that customers be served decently.
Soso said Eastern Highlands would do away with tucker shops and canteens selling alcohol because people had easy access to alcohol and sellers wanted to make fast money when they were responsible for most of the law and order problems in the community.
“I commend the efforts of the special operation that so far removed three major illegal brewing sites, they will continue further into other districts to remove more illegal beer brewing facilities,” Soso said.
She said a resolution would be passed by the provincial assembly to control and restrict beer sales in the province.