Roadblocks to monitor motorist

Transport PNG

Roadblocks would be set up at random locations along the four Highways of Central to ensure that motorist follow traffic laws, according to Central Province Transport
Authority Enforcement Division Manager, Wini Henao.
He said Central Province Transport Authority (CPTA) law enforcement officers would be out in full force to conduct roadblocks at the
Magi, Hiritano, Sogeri and Porebada Highway to monitor un road worthy vehicles and heavy vehicle overloading.
“We are looking forward to working with the Road Traffic Authority and the Central Province Highway Patrol in protecting the major Highways,”
“Enforcement officers would operate from outside the four boundaries and with new uniforms and equipment, we are all set to do our best,”
He said roadblocks are conducted to ensure that the safety and security of the traveling public and the drivers of motor vehicle was safe.
“With the increasing volume of traffic on the Magi, Hiritano, Sogeri and Porebada Highway every day, roadblocks are important to ensure that traffic laws and regulations was followed,”
He said CPTA Enforcement officers would conduct roadblocks at random locations along the 4 Highways from Monday to Friday as early as 8 am.
“We started conducting roadblocks in the morning to ensure that unlicensed drivers and unregistered vehicles were issued with a traffic infringement notice or are fined on the spot,” He said a Central Province traffic infringement notice gives the offender 7 days to pay the fine and also specifies certain rules that motorist should follow.
“Drivers are also fined for offences like having smooth tyres, missing tail light and for not following basic traffic rules,”
He said CPTA has good working relationship with the Central Police Highway Patrol and is looking forward to maintaining that relationship.
“CPTA enforcement officers and land transport inspectors are authorised under the Road Traffic Act which was passed by the government in 2014, to enforce traffic laws thus all motorist should respect them,” he said.

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