PMV overloading a concern

Transport PNG

Police Traffic Director, Joe Joseph, has expressed concern over the increase in PMV overloading in the roads and highways of Central.
He said since overloading was an ongoing issue on the roads of the city and highways and one that has contributed to most road accidents, with the new Road Traffic Authority
Act 2014, the fines and fees of this traffic offence has increased, thus motorist must be prepared to deep dig into their pockets.
He said when the act is implemented this year, the fines would be really high thus motorist are warned not to practise overloading.
“This should have been done, some years back. The increase in fees and fines was to eradicate basic traffic offences on roads and major highways of the city,”
“Failure to comply with a police officer or an enforcement officer from the Road Traffic Authority would result in fine of K500,”
He said PMV’s have carrying capacities and urged motorist operators on city roads and the major highways of Central and Gulf to carry the required number of passengers and always practise road safety rules.
He said PMV overloading was common along the highways of Central and Gulf and called on police from Malalaua, Bereina and Galley Reach to do road blocks along the Trans Highway.
“A police officer has the responsibility to stop and check PMV’s for overloading and issue a traffic infringement notice,”
“If you are brought before the court and charged with a serious traffic offence such as driving when you are drinking or dangerous speed or failing to stop after an accident you may lose your licence
for a very long time, or you may be sent to prison,” He said road safety should be the number one priority of drivers at all times

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