Root out corruption in Southern Highlands


SOUTHERN Highlands is yet to see a decisive outcome on the provincial seat’s election petition filed some three years ago.
Justice delayed is justice denied, they say. It was a closely-fought election, however, its integrity was far from clear – alongside election-related violence around the province.
Services in the province are declining and it ranks so low in development despite being a resource rich province.
This directly challenges the self-serving view of the provincial leadership.
Indeed, corruption is the principal cause of poor governance and lack of services in the province.
Probably it’s the ‘resource curse’ as some say.
Existing infrastructure are in a state of collapse.
There is a lack of honest and accountable leadership and mismanagement at the seven-storey headquarters.
Bribery and corruption spills over every aspect of life in the province with predatory politics carried out at the provincial bureaucracy and right down to the districts and villages.
This is a dangerous trend.
Not long, income earned through corruption and bribery will be regarded as an acceptable source of income.

David Lepi