Make public trust police


POLICE officers are the worst culprits contributing to corruption.
Their grade 12 qualification with six months of training at the Bomana Police College is insufficient.
The enrolling of grade 12 dropouts has defiled the supremacy of the Royal PNG Constabulary.
Some candidates shortlisted for training are accepted through the backdoor.
The six months training is not enough to learn the required skills and knowledge in their respective fields.
As a result, they become a public nuisance.
From allegations of bribery to murder, corruption in the police force is reaching new heights in the country.
Station commanders and shift supervisors are weak in performing their duties.
The constabulary needs to improve its governance and root out corruption as it is ruining public trust.
The Police minister and commissioner should use resources at their disposal to mount a police purification campaign.
They should identify and remove corrupt police officers.
The success or failure of this administration’s anti-crime campaign will depend on Police commissioner David Manning’s ability to redeem the public’s trust in the police force by setting his house in order.

Nelson Wandi
Morata #2 Blue Kona