Rosso stalled by Lae’s ‘tricky’ administrative situation


LAE MP John Rosso says he cannot conduct any district development authority (DDA) meetings until he gets clarification from Inter-Government Relations.
He was responding to Lae Lord Mayor Koim Trilu Leahy who asked why there had been no DDA meeting since Rosso’s election in July.
Ross said Lae’s case was “a bit tricky” compared to other DDAs.
“This is because we’ve already got the law passed for the Lae City Authority,” he said.
“I am waiting for clarification from the Office of the Minister for Inter-Government Relations and his department on whether we should proceed with the DDA or the city authority board.
“I am waiting for that clarification in writing before I make any commitments.
“I can’t call a (DDA) meeting until I get proper clarification.
“I am currently in a limbo as I wait for advice from the department.”
Rosso said his administration was just working on the resolutions passed by the previous DDA board.
He said he was frequently travelling to Port Moresby to expedite the LCA proposal.
Rosso said as soon as the LCA was in place he would meet with Trilu-Leahy and people connected with DDA and council.
“It’s not that I’m working in isolation,” he said.
“I have been busy with the LCA thing and it has been taking a lot of my time.”
Rosso urged all Lae leaders to cooperate and work with him to develop the city and not level allegations against each other.
He said the LCA Act was passed by Parliament in June 2015 and was awaiting implementation.