Royals set for Ipatas Cup

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NOWEK Royals Rugby League club of Goroka is seriously preparing for the Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup rugby league challenge.
Eastern Highlands provincial police commander, Chief Insp Augustine Wampe, who is also the club president, said the club was serious about achieving the best results during the meet.
Wampe said all the big guns who had been training with the Bintangor Goroka Lahanis and Toyota Enga Mioks were recalled for club training to add firepower to the side.
The boys have been undergoing training during weekends under the guidance of head coach Peter Danga.
Chief Insp Wampe also thanked the board and management of Mioks for releasing Sam Tobokina, Casey Frank, Pasu Peter Avani and Garnet Auwo to run with Royals before this year’s bemobile Cup challenge.
With the awesome four back and with the nucleus of big name players in Lahanis skipper Nigel Hukula, Alphonse Utai Kapil, Bafinuc Ilai, Douglas Uyassi, Winnie Henao Jr, Damien Bage, Manu Kirape, Highlands Zone prop Kaupa Dable, Junior Kos Kupe, Gary Garaba, Francis Kuglame, Silas Euki and Waima Paku, Wampe said he was content with the weight, height and speed he had in the side.
He said there were equal talents from other teams that would be taking the Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup challenge and complacency was the last thing any member of his team would dream of.
Chief Insp Wampe said winning the K50,000 as prize money in the Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup challenge was even bigger than the bemobile Cup.
“That is why my club is taking this competition seriously.
“We also respect other teams taking part and I thank Royals sponsors, Nowek Coffee Limited managing director Terry Shirley,” he said.
Organisers for the Goroka phase of the competition, Peter Warlock and Thomas Kumgi said 12 teams were expected to compete in next weekend’s challenge.
However, the draws are yet to be finalised.