Royalty payments


THE delay of K35 million royalty payments for the landowners of Angore PDL 8 has now resulted in the destruction of machinery and equipment worth millions of kina.
This incident should not have happened. It is the result of the incompetency of the responsible government authorities to fast track the clan-vetting processes to identify genuine landowners and make funds available to them in due time.
This unfortunate situation was triggered by the civil unrest (plane arson attack) in Mendi, Southern Highlands, last week.
The landowners are entitled to this money. Now the PM has ordered the DP to sort out the grievances of the frustrated landowners.
The point is that the government should prioritise such sensitive issues without using delaying tactics which cause unnecessary inconveniences and setbacks.
Hope the government takes heed now and not repeat the same mistake in the future.

Wally jw Kuzac
Angore Tindiapa

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