Ruing calls for audit of NADP funds

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THE Opposition has called for a high-level investigation into the use of National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP) funds to determine if the allocated K100 million was used for agriculture projects as originally intended.
Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Livestock and Dei MP Puri Ruing commended the Government for taking the initiative to support the agriculture sector, which is sustainable and renewable resource.
He urged the State agencies, particularly the Department of Agriculture and Livestock to be well prepared to implement the government’s agriculture policy.
Mr Ruing said there had been much controversy surrounding the use of NADP funds creating suspicion and even confusion over the use of the funds and there should be and immediate investigation into how the NADP funds have been disbursed.
Mr Ruing said if funds designated under the NADP had been misused, all responsible culprits should be prosecuted and made to pay for their crimes.
Mr Ruing suggested the investigation should also establish whether the NADP has achieved its original objectives including growing the economy and whether funds were fairly distributed or given to political cronies of politicians and supporters of certain political parties.
He noted that one of the underlying objectives was to commit the Government to allocate funding and resources to the 89 open electorates, PNG-wide to implement the NADP at the district level over the medium term development strategies.
“It is my strongest belief that most of the funds were systematically drained by convenient and paper companies which are not actual established plantations in the country. If that is the case then the NADP Secretariat staff needs to explain”.
He said if such issues were not properly addressed, then the much publicised NADP be a failure and not provide the original intended blueprint for agricultural development in Papua New Guinea.