Ruling on no-case submission by Kapris and company today


The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

THE 14 co-accused in the Madang Bank South Pacific robbery will each know their fate this afternoon when a ruling on their no case submission is heard.
The 12 currently in custody are Elvis Bala Aka, Bobby Selan, Isabella Kivare, Joyce Maima, Peter Alan Popo, Johnny Gumaira, Kito Aso, Bobby Solomon, Damien Inanei, Kia Warren, William Nanua Kapris and Ruben Micah.
The other two, Colin Masilo and Jacob Peningi Okimbari, are out on bail.
They had, previously in the hearing last month, indicated that the case was taking too long and were desperate to have the case over and done with.
On Tuesday, defence counsel Anna Raymond and Mwagawa Mwawesi from the state solicitors office, David Dotoana of Dotoana Lawyers and Seth  Daniels from Daniels Lawyers, all filed no-case submissions for their clients.
Senior state prosecutor Kaluwin Pondros replied to the no-case
submissions and argued that all accused had a case to answer for the charges of conspiracy to commit robbery and kidnapping and unlawful detention.
However, the state, in all its findings, indicated that they had no evidence against Kia Warren, and, therefore, should be acquitted of conspiracy and receiving stolen property, the charges laid against
Justice David Cannings, also on Tuesday, heard the human rights application for Kapris to be moved to the main compound.
Cannings will give both rulings today.