Sack Zibe and Malau

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, June 17, 2011

IF there is a department that has failed miserably, it has to be the Health Department.
Not only did secretary Dr Clement Malau fail to sort out the drug supply problem he promised the people, the PAC has now revealed that millions of kina had gone missing, allegedly diverted elsewhere or stolen.
On top of that, Malau is never around whenever there is a health-related national crisis.
We heard that he was in Australia, leaving questions about the missing K7 million unanswered when it came up.
In any organisation, the buck stops at the top.
Malau and his political master have to answer why they have failed their res­ponsibilities to the people.
Minister Sasa Zibe must stop pointing fingers at Ma­lau as he is equally in­competent and should be sacked or suspended whilst an inquiry is held to find out where the funds have gone to.
The ball is in your court, acting prime minister.


Truly sick citizen
Via email