What you said is contrary to God’s Word


THIS is in response ‘Anointed Christian’ in a letter on June 2, saying the scripture is not specific in regard to which day of the week is the Sabbath.
The way, days of the week were named in the Jews calendar is different from the one developed by the Romans, the Julian calendar and Gregorian calendar which we are using today.
The Old Testament was written in the time Jewish calendar was in existent therefore bible writers named the days as first day second day third day etc.
The Julian and Gregorian calendars are developed much later during the reign of both pagan and papal Rome.
How do you expect Moses the writer of Genesis who does not know anything about the Roman calendar name the days of the week as it is today?
Your claim as the “anointed Christian” does not make sense because what you said is contrary to God’s word.

Mac Uhoni (Gospel Minister)

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