Sariki: No more queues

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013


THE provincial education sector in Madang is to cut waiting time with the signing of an agreement for an electronic database.

The initiative by education head Moses Sariki came after a meeting last year with John Kapa of Kamkinde Computer Services who told him how simplified processes became with the use of a database.

Madang will use the same database used by the Chimbu education division which has been hailed a success.

The database will include personal details of teachers, the information of all schools, enrolment and  details of financial expenditure to enable better control of tuition free fees.

Sairiki said the time taken by teachers to stand around the head-office or make long queues would be a thing of the past.

Kapa said it was this home-grown initiative supported by his provincial administration that had Chimbu as the top province in terms of service delivery and now it was time to pass on the knowledge.

He said loan processing time for teachers would be halved with two hot-line numbers at the main database centre where teacher enquiries would be answered at the touch of a button.  

“This will be in line with the national Education Department’s Vision 2050 in churning out quality people after quality education is given,” Sariki said. 

“The less time teachers spend outside, the more they can give.”