District coordinator calls for peace

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013


BAIYER-Lumusa district peace coordinator Wesley Maken is calling on the warring tribes not to take up arms again and refrain from criminal activities.

Maken yesterday said armed men from the K-Witi clan set up a roadblock at Wainda village on June 25 and opened fire on the travelling public.

A woman, Jacklyn Wako, from the Magend clan, suffered bullet wounds to her chest. 

Maken , who is from the Magend clan, said Wako had been travelling on a truck into Mt Hagen at around 4.30am when criminals fired three shots.

He said Wako was immediately taken to the Hagen General Hospital to have the pellets removed.

“K-Witi clansmen fought with my clansmen. It ended when  all our leaders came together with Baiyer MP Koi Trape late last year and signed a peace agreement,” he said.

Maken said his former enemy clansmen had breached the preventive orders and the peace agreement they had made.

He urged the leaders of the T-Witi clan to surrender the shooters to the police. He also appealed to the people to respect preventive orders and not take up arms again.