Schnaubelt won the vote


THE letter from Linus Guamsok in The National on Nov 28 cannot and must not remain unchallenged.
As Guamsok is an appointed member of the New Ireland provincial assembly appointed by the New Ireland Governor.
He has every right to cry over spilled milk.
The people of Tanga Island have thanked the Chan family since 1968.
It went as far back as 1939 when Chin Pak bought the Sunmiul Plantation on Boang Island in the Tanga Group with 10 cigarette pipes.
Tanir High School was built by Newcrest Tax Credit Scheme
Guamsok and the Chans will not be thanked by us Tanga islanders as we have wasted our pigs, singsings and stringbands every time the chopper arrives from Huris.
Tanga islanders stood up to the Chan family in the 2017 election.
Enough is enough.
Tanga Islanders are now educated and living in Australia and New Zealand.
They can vote from their hearts to remove the obstacles to their development which are Byron Chan, Sir Julius Chan and their briefcase carriers.
Walter Schanubelt was voted by 20,479 people of Namatanai so Guamsok can campaign vigorously against him in 2022.

Top Gun
Tanga Island