Scholarships offered for North Waghi

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The National –Thursday, January 6, 2011


FOUR students from the Nodgul Community School in North Waghi district, Western Highlands, will be awarded a one-year scholarship to study in New South Wales, Australia.

The scholarship will be based on academic performance by the students for those who performed well in the first top 5%.

The scholarship comes under the student exchange programme, a community initiative of Jiwaka Rotary International.

According to Jiwaka Rotary International president Frank Goi, the students will leave in April after the selection when the school resumes for the new academic year.

Based on their internal marks, the students will sit for an examination and from those results, four students – two male and two female – will be selected.

The students will do their Year 7 at East Maitland Primary School in Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.

The programme, which is said to continue for the next five years, is fully funded by Rotary Australia International and will cover travel, accommodation and tuition and school fees.

“This is the first of its kind in Jiwaka to send students to Australia to study.

“It is good for the students as they are going to learn new cultures and lifestyles and a relief for the parents from paying school fees,” Goi said.

The student exchange programme is one of Jiwaka Rotary International many community-based projects.