School farewells long-serving principal, family

The National, Friday July 22nd, 2016

BUSU Secondary School staff and students in Morobe farewelled long-serving teacher and former principal with gifts this week.
Former Busu Secondary School principal Betong Bega was the head master of the  school in 1992 until it gained  secondary status in 2006.
Bega also initiated and brought about peace during school fights by introducing the “One Busu, No grouping” theme.
The farewell was held at Busu Secondary School and attended by Morobe provincial education chairman Andrew Gena, superintendent for education services Berei Kalo,   chairman of the board of governors Rev Erik Punde, principal of Bugandi Secondary School Tony Gaul, chairman of headmasters and principals conference in Morobe and Lae Secondary principal Christopher Raymond.
Current Busu Secondary principal George Noble described the event as the most important event for Busu Secondary, saying Bega was a “great leader” of the Busu school and the person behind the success of the school.
Noble thanked Bega and his wife Munangke for their efforts in laying a sound foundation for the school.
“I am here as the current principal of the school because of the tireless work of Bega and his contribution to this school,” Noble said.
“It cannot be forgotten.
“His wife was also a teacher at this school.
“They have put in place a lot of infrastructure for the school and initiated the peace process in 2008.”
Staff at the school and students presented Bega and his wife a pig, food, cash, bilums and a necklace made of pig tusks to symbolise a sign of reconciliation and attachment between Bega’s family and Busu Secondary School.
The school also witnessed the unveiling of the Betong Bega Building and Busu Secondary School Library named after the former principal.
An emotional Bega thanked the staff and students for organising the occasion and the  gifts. “I never expected this,” Bega said.
“I have done my duty in serving the school and I will be accordingly paid in heaven but you have presented to me what usually used to be said and done when a man was dead.”