School in Madang needs help


BEDAS Elementary School is a new school in the Ward 14 area of Sumkar in Madang.
The school started in 2010 with its first preparatory class.
Two years later, the school pioneered its first elementary 2 graduation.
The school then had to be relocated due to its location.
Late last year, the school had its first temporary classroom built.
However, its academic year was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The school does not have parental contributions, no government subsidies, no support funds from the local level, provincial and the government.
The school’s board of management then decided to host a tournament to raise money for infrastructural development and learning materials.
Over 30 teams registered to participate in the tournament.
Most participating teams came from around the Ward 14 area and others were from neighbouring villages.

Robin Kawa
(Teachers Rep – Bedas Elementary

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