School wins praise as pupils graduate


A local magistrate has commended Kemabolo Seventh-Day Adventist Elementary School in Rigo, Central, for making a difference in the community.
Speaking at the school’s fourth graduation recently, Magistrate Tau Gulu said students passing out of Kemabolo Adventist Elementary School into government-run primary schools were observed to be brighter, diligent and responsible.
“Such is a testament to the quality of Adventist education and the commitment of teachers and parents in the running of the school,” Gulu said.
The school started the year with 62 students between the ages of five and seven years. However, 11 students withdrew during the year and only 51 were present at the graduation ceremony.
Twelve students from the elementary two class graduated and will be doing grade three next year.
During the graduation ceremony government representative Gitu Gasena gave K1000 towards the school’s operations.
SDA church’s Central Papua Conference education director Peter Iga commended the volunteer teachers for their faithfulness in educating and training the young ones for service to God and man.
He emphasised that Adventist education was unique in the sense that its primary objective has always been to develop a saving relationship between the student and God, followed by the curriculum which includes English, mathematics and the sciences.
“However, the ultimate purpose is for the student to be trained for service to God and fellowmen,” Iga said.
Despite the challenges of the school’s formal registration being delayed and teachers yet to be on payroll, the commitment and faithfulness  of  students and teachers only testify of God’s faithfulness to this small school which will grow from strength to strength.