Schools charging fees


ON Monday, The National (page 6) reported the Gordon Secondary School principal denying excessive fees being charged before a student is enrolled, maybe because of parents’ exposure.
Can the Education Department, minister and secretary also check Port Moresby National High School?
The school is charging K1145 for both grade 11 and 12 students.
Tuition Fee Free (TFF) education policy states that education from preparatory to grade 12, including technical vocational education training (TVET) and flexible open distance education (FODE), will be provided for by Government.
So where did the principals and board chairmen of these schools get their mandatory authority from to charge excessive school fees?
The only authorised body to do that would be the National Education Board.
Additional project fees any secondary school can charge is limited to only K250. Others education level project fees are as follows: elementary K50, primary K100 and high schools and vocational K200.
TFF funding comes in three components: 40 per cent for cash administration, 30 per cent for infrastructure and 30 per cent for teaching and learning.
TFF’s purpose was to educate all students in PNG to improve their quality of life and to achieve Governments vision for 2050.
My question then is: what happens to that money we parents pay when the school receives the TFF funds?
The school does not refund the parents, so it means someone is benefitting from that money in the pretext of projects for the school.

Concerned parent