Schools get portable desks


ABOUT 1000 portable desks have been distributed to 28 elementary schools in Wau, Bulolo, and the Biangai and Watut tribes who are landowners to the Hidden Valley mine in Morobe, thanks to Harmony Gold.
This followed the launching of the miner’s ‘Tutudesk’ initiative at Kaisenik Primary School in Wau and Hompiri Elementary School in Morobe last Tuesday.
These desks were made in South Africa and were named after Nobel Peace Prize recipient and retired Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu.
The Tutudesk Campaign’s aim is to deliver at least 20 million desks by 2025.
Chairman of Kaisenik Primary School Samuel Krimbu thanked Harmony Hidden Valley for the desks adding that the donation was a step forward to enhancing children’s education.
“Elementary is where children start to learn. The key is the foundation where children must learn and this initiative goes a long way to assisting their education,” Krimbu said.
Deputy chairman of Nakuwi Landowners Association Wayang Kawa said he was happy that Harmony recognised the importance of education in the community. He said Harmony was serious about business in their community and such a gesture was a sign of commitment to the people.
“Harmony will look for educated people to work for them in the future. Parents too have to give their commitment and time to educating your children. We have to work together to ensure our children are educated,” he said.
Head teacher of Lutheran Day Elementary School Buafe Kerenga thanked landowners for recognising the need to distribute these Tutudesks to other elementary schools outside of the landowner communities.
“I am grateful to the landowner schools as our children use cartons as boards to write on. Tutudesks will help them. The children will be happy to use these desks and it’s very educational.”
Harmony Hidden Valley general manager Gary Davies said: “Let’s work together for the future of the mine and also the future of the communities.
“It’s the beginning of the second part of our journey together as a mine but also working together with landowner communities for the benefit of all of the stakeholders in education of children and develop them to become future leaders.”
Tutudesks offers children their very own workstation creating immediate, high impact and positive change under any learning condition.
Made from robust child-friendly polymers, Tutudesks are designed to last the duration of a learner’s school career.