Schools in Tambul-Nebilyer get K200,000


SECONDARY and high schools in the Tambul–Nebilyer electorate in Western Highlands were given K200,000 by local MP Win Bakri Daki last week.
This includes K10,000 given to Togoba Secondary near Mt Hagen, which is in the district.
District development authority chief executive Philip Talpa said this brings to a total of K1.2 million which the MP had spent so far to support education.
Talpa said K1 million was given to the tertiary students’ school fee subsidy while K200,000 was given to the secondary and high schools.
He said that the more educated people the electorate had the more successful the development opportunities.
He said that this was probably the first time that the education sector in the electorate had received the much support.
Talpa said Daki had a vision to support education and parents should not waste the opportunity to help their children.
“With the support that we are receiving, the people in the electorate should make it their business to make the electorate become leader in Western Highlands to produce the highest number of educated elites,” hge said.

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