Kerowagi returning to haus man to give decision-making meaning


THE Kerowagi electorate in Chimbu has decided to maintain the customary way of making decisions by using the traditional haus man principle for gathering and making decisions on how to run the affairs of the district.
Local MP Bari Palma decided to go traditional because he believes that in the past that was the place where their ancestors gathered to make decisions and pass on their culture and custom to the young people.
Palma said the “haus man” (men’s house) was treated as a special house where leaders went in to make decisions and agree on how to manage people’s affair.
Palma said he would revive what people in the past did by making decisions at haus man.
He attended the opening of two haus man at Gawale village in Kerowagi on Saturday. The haus man were built by the local people to fulfil his plan for the electorate.
He said that in the haus man, young men would receive counselling and education and also most of the district policies and plans would be discussed there and not in hotels.
Palma said the Westminster type of leadership was not was not being understood by the people.
He said he did not know if some leaders still maintained their culture and customs but in his five-year development plan he would use the haus man as a place for decision-making.
He said encouraging young people to do away with drug and homebrew and engaging them in economic activities would help them to be self reliant.

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