Schools use ‘Back to Basics’ programme


MORE than 40 primary and three high schools in West Sepik had successfully implemented the Back to Basics programme in the past five years.
Director of Basic Education in the Aitape-Lumi district Frank Evans said it was implemented from 2013 to 2017.
Evans said it involved a well-organised and professional school, one that encouraged village interest and involvement, students scoring good marks and having good behaviour, plus committed and resourced teachers.
The programme is to address the poor performance of students in the district.
“Communities have been monitoring teachers’ attendance to classes and their punctuality,” Evans said.
“It is all about the involvement of the local community in regard to both, the support of teachers and the monitoring of teachers regarding attendance at classes and punctuality is demanded.
“The interest and cooperation of the community in fostering a worthwhile living and learning environment for children is required. This means a support for proper discipline measures taken by the school.
“Involvement in voluntary school maintenance, families taking responsibility for children absconding class and families encouraging the speaking of English.”
Evans made the presentation during the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council National Development forum on PNG’s education sector at the Laguna hotel in Port Moresby last Wednesday.

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