Secretary: Government accounts open for business


GOVERNMENT accounts opened on Monday and the Government is ready for business, says Finance secretary Dr Ken Ngangan.
“The Government Accounts closed on Dec 31 and opened on Monday this week after a successful close of accounts on a sound financial footing. (We) are well placed to continue to support the government’s fiscal objectives and public financial management reform agenda.\
“With the Integrated Financial Management System, we were able to close the 2019 fiscal year much faster than what used to be a very long process with the use of the old legacy systems.
“As the new working year gets underway, I ask all public offices to reflect back on their organisation’s successes in 2019 and what it means for 2020.”
He thanked everyone “for your continued support and loyalty in the close of accounts exercise and the opening of the accounts this year”.
“And as we commence in this New Year, I look forward to working with you all,” he said.

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