Secure Goroka airport perimeter

Letters, Normal

THE main task of the new management of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) this year should be to clean up the bushy Goroka airport. The overgrown grass and has become a favourite birds hunting ground for settlement children. More importantly, CAA must re-erect a perimeter fence around the airport to stop peopl trespassing the airport ground, especially at nights by criminal elements. Adding to the woes at the airport, the CAA flats at Goroka airport is being used as another squatter settlement by outsiders. Illegal activities flourish at the compound, including card gambling, betelnut and cigarette vending, prostitutions and illegal drugs trading. I call on police and CAA management to check the Goroka CAA compound out. Another issue of concern is the taking over of the Government warehouse at West Goroka by a secondhand clothes company. The warehouse is located within the airport perimeter, posing security threats for the general public and a possible hazard to aircraft flight movements in and out of Goroka. I call on appropriate authorities to look into these concerns on Goroka airport and take appropriate remedial measures. 


– Galahu Panaii, Goroka, EHP