See Arthur for who he is

Letters, Normal

I URGE Papua New Guineans, especially critics of the government, who always refer Sir Michael Somare and Arthur Somare as father and son.
All these people see Arthur as Sir Michael’s son, none see him as Arthur Somare, a member of parliament elected by the people of Angoram to represent them.
As state enterprises minister, he has turned around almost all state entities under him.
As for the LNG project, Arthur has delivered it.
Let us give credit where it is due.
When critics talked about experience, how much experience do you need?
He has been in parliament for almost 15 years. He is now serving his third term.
There is no university or school which teaches you how to become a minister or MP.
It is time we let him step out from his father’s shadow and see him for who he really is and what he has achieved.