Sepik district gets K26mil record budget

National, Normal

The National, Monday 25th March 2013


YANGORU-Saussia district in East Sepik will have a record budget of K26 million to spend on essential impact projects this year, local MP Richard Maru says.

“It is the biggest budget compared with other districts in the province. Besides the national government’s K10 million to all districts, only Yangoru-Saussia will expand its budget to K26 million,” he said.

“The joint district planning and budget priorities committee (JDP&BPC) have met and discussed key projects that will impact the lives of citizens and I am pleased to announce that Yangoru-Saussia is in for a big change like never before,” Maru 


Among the projects that would be completed this year includes six new health centres, five new police stations, maintenance of trunk roads, the sealing of Nagam road and construction of a new high school for west Yangoru.

Maru said the busy Wamaiang and Kusaun highway markets would also receive a major facelift with modern facilities and amenities such as water and toilet facilities. 

The New Zealand government has indicated that it would fund the Wamaiang market project for K200,000.

In the first six months since his election, Maru had delivered a university campus, a Bank South Pacific branch, funded the construction of a police mobile barracks and kicked off other major projects for the district.

“Our vision is very clear, we want to make Yangoru-Saussia the top district in PNG. Other districts in East 

Sepik will have to catch up and we will provide the leadership to change East Sepik and PNG,” Maru , who is also the Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister, told supporters in Wewak before departing for Japan last week with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.