Service providers want commission investigated

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


A GROUP of service providers to the Electoral Commission want it investigated because of the delay in paying them.

The group in the highlands region yesterday urged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to have the Task Force Sweep investigate the funding of elections operation by the Electoral Commission.

At a media conference in Goroka yesterday, spokesman for the service providers John Bande said because of the inadequate security arrangements, the LLG elections were riddled with problems.

He said the Government has allocated almost K300 million for the elections but service providers were yet to be paid what they were owed.

“I call on Prime Minister O’Neill to immediately engage Task Force Sweep to investigate (Electoral Commissioner Andrew) Trawen’s administration of the millions of kina,” he said.

Bande said Trawen had assured them that they would be paid.

“However, to date we are yet to be paid although K15 million has been released,” he said.

“We have about three months before the Government accounts will be closed. We have waited long enough.”

They provided car hire, catering, accommodation and other related services.

Trawen had earlier said the commission did not receive all the funding it needed from the Government to hold the elections.