Set differences aside, let’s unite


UNLESS political leaders show the will to prevent and end crises, little will change for the millions of children, women and men who are caught up in these crises.
Leaders, including senior public servants, should put compassion and courage at the heart of their collective decision-making.
They should use all the leverage they have – political, economic and others – to prevent conflicts and find solutions.
They need to put aside their differences to invest in peaceful and inclusive societies.
We have ourselves to blame for things that are going wrong.
Our country is in uncertainty.
We should stop thinking long-term, and started thinking short term.
If you feel you’ve been deprived of what you deserve for the last decades, next year’s national general election is our chance to change that.
I appeal to all the political parties, especially in the Government and the Opposition to evaluate themselves, reconcile and make peace before the country goes to the polls.
Our country needs peace.
We need to stop fighting.
Politicians and candidates with different opinions on issues affecting us should find a way to work together.
Let’s all work together for our nation’s prosperity.
Let’s prove that we are truly one nation and one country.

Joshua Kelly,
Concerned Citizen